Living Alive’s Sleepy Time Spray

In Hong Kong we are faced with the hustle hustle lifestyle. Working long hours, going to endless events and not to mention the different types of pollution that contribute to stress and in some cases insomnia. We find a lot of our clients have a hard time getting to sleep

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All About You Centre Room Rentals

About a month ago we celebrated the launch of All About You Centre, a wellness in the heart of Tsim Sha Tsui that focuses on your inner and outer transformation with array of practitioners at your finger tips such as: Image Consulting | Ayurvedic Analysis  |  Tarot and Angel Card

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11 Steps To Avoid Bloating

Who here likes bloating? Not me! Here are some common foods that you might want to avoid: 1. Processed Foods – Translation: Try to avoid shopping in thee middle aisles of the grocery store. 2. Carbonated beverages, gum, and candy – yuck! 3. Artificial sweeteners 4. Some veggies to watch: Beans,

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Living with Essential Oils

The hustle and bustle of daily life can be busy, occupying and sometimes obligatory. Living with an essential oil can give people control over their feelings, manage moods, eliminate chemical contact within their home, improve nutrition, and have a better grasp over their health. This blog post is an introduction

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Lola’s Lunch Box

Now we’re all heard of take aways and deliveries, blah blah but foodies that serve homemade and organic foods are relatively rare to Hong Kong but are becoming much more popular due to the increase in fitness and health routines that have swept the globe.  So Lola’s Lunch Box is a

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Liina Klauss: Art with a Mission

I was sent an email a few days ago about an art installation by Liina Klauss, a German born artist living in Hong Kong. I love art because it brings people together while allowing freedom of thought and speech. Liina’s exhibition  is really great because it comes with a mission, a

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Congratulations All About You Centre!

We wanted to congratulate Sonia Samtani in opening her wellness centre: All About You, the first of it’s kind in the heart of Tsim Sha Tsui Keep up to date with their latest seminars, sessions and more via facebook  Live A Great Life! The Living Alive Team  

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