Go beyond the salad

img: When you think about healthy eating, salads and green vegetables usually come to mind. But how about adding a little more variety to your plan? Roots like carrots, sweet potatoes, and turnips, are a rich source of nutritious complex carbohydrates. Instead of upsetting blood sugar levels like refined

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Magical Mondays

God is a pure no-thing concealed in now and here: the less you reach for him, the more he will appear Angelus Silesius Bohemia (Poland) FACEBOOK   |   INSTAGRAM

Natural Ways to Relieve Headaches

I think its safe to say we all get them at some point or another and sometimes they can be quite unbearable, especially if you get them in a social or a work environment- which I experienced last week. Just about anything may precipitate a migraine attack: excessive caffeine, various

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We HEART Brown Rice Snaps

If you’re looking for a snack thats low fat, healthy, guilt-free with a wonderful crispy texture and a subtle smoked taste while being filling? Then look no further – Edward & Sons has created a simple yet delicious natural whole wheat rice snaps that don’t make you bloat or crave

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5 Super Foods You Should be Eating

Five foods we love and should all be including in our diets daily if not then weekly for sure… 1. Blueberries There has been a lot of research on blueberries and their antioxidants that have potential benefits for nervous system and brain health and new research has shown that blueberries

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We HEART Jax Coco Water

Thirst This Summer….reach out for Jax Coco Jax Coco Water is made 100% of pure coconut water and with no fat, or added sugars, it is an excellent for hydration and has much less sugar than fruit juices and sports drinks!  Here’s the facts +only 70 calories per 330ml serving.

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Hand Made Granola Bars

We have been experimenting a lot this weekend with our favourite foods  as we are cooking this week for the Island East market where Living Alive will have a booth.  So we wanted to share a one of our old time recipes that we love and always have a batch

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Opening with a BAM

A couple of weeks ago I was invited to like up and coming boutique  yoga studio- Yoga Bam Bam on Facebook.  The name- of course aroused my curiosity and  I was drawn to their organic vibe, or as Yoga Bam Bam like to say “rootsy” vibe. And then just a few days

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Gluten is my B!tch

Last night we at Living Alive hosted our first seminar at one of our client’s shop at PMQ, A Day with Fé. We thought of a very fitting name for the talk: Gluten is My Bitch which was inspired by April Peveteaux. It was lead by our Health Coach, Kanch who

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