Wellness Workshops + Seminars


Gluten Is My Bitch; The basics of gluten-free living, rants, recipes and ridiculousness.

Sugar Blues

Sugar Blues; Understanding the basics of sugar and what is behind cravings and how to control them joyfully.

Plate Purge

Plate Purge; A new private dinning experience, health workshop with a sit down dinner suited to your taste (an example would be a 5-course Indo-Mexican gluten-free and vegan menu)

Yoga Detox Workshop

Yoga Detox Workshop; Basis of doing a detox at home.

The Alkaline Advantage

The Alkaline Advantage; Learning how to measure your ph levels and how to alkaline your body.

Kitchen Clean-Up

Kitchen Clean-Up; Our health coach helps your demystify your kitchen and the list goes on these are just a few of our popular workshops that we put on a regular basis.

How to book a workshop or seminar?

To book or collaborate on a wellness workshop with our health coach Kanch feel free to email us.
For our on-going events in Hong Kong and world wide, click here.

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