Healthy Cooking Classes

What are cooking classes?

Changing your eating habits make a great difference “Food Changes Everything”

We host private and group ‘clean’ and practical cooking classes with a range of menus – our most popular being gluten-free and raw cooking.

Learn the right way to cook your food

Not only do you learn how to cook but we also take you though ingredient swaps (how to change up items that you might not have in your kitchen, that is) and healthy eating 101 thus you go home with yummy goodies and health tips.

How much does a cooking class cost?

Reasonable prices to cope up with your needs

The price ranges for individual classes of 75 minutes + start at HKD 1,400 upward depending on the menu and for group classes between HKD 500 and HKD 800 per person per class with a minimum of 6 people a class.
To see our menus or if you have a special request for a class, shoot us an email.

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