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Apple Masala Chips


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Product Description

Apple Masala Chips

Dehydrated apple chips with a touch of masala

Ingredients: Dehydrated Apples, Organic Garam Masala, Organic Chaat Masala, Pink Salt, Pimenton

Net Weight: 50g

Why choose Apple Masala as your healthy snack?

*One of the main benefits of dehydrated apples are high fiber content. Fiber helps keep you regular; it bulks up and softens your stools to prevent constipation. It also slows digestion, preventing blood sugar spikes that leave you tired and hungry shortly after your meal. Since fiber helps keep you satisfied after a meal, dehydrated apples make for a filling snack

*Dehydrated apples provide a good source of vitamins C, A and B’s

*Dehydrated apple also give your body a good mineral content; potassium, copper, manganese and selenium

*Indian masalas have many healing and medicinal properties

Dehydrated apples are a nutritious, versatile snack, convenient for the office, hiking trails, and taking the edge off your hunger before dinner. We are handmade in Hong Kong with Love, love, love. Thank You For Choosing Us!