A New Beginning

Today I want to take the chance to write a bit of a personal blog, having just given birth 2 months ago life seems a bit topsy turvy – adjusting to a new schedule of the little man, a new relationship with my husband and in the end a new relationship with my self. That of a mother, wife and career women. What seemed easy before now seems like an overwhelming mission. So I decided to seek help out side and talk with coach of some kind, after asking around a dear friend recommend Teya. Not your usual life coach but I was intrigued to give it a go.

We set up a Skype call and boy she was good. It started with me telling her what I wanted to talk about / focus on and then she did the rest of the talking, giving me practical tips, tools and ticks to use to get my life back into balance. What I really like about her was that not only did she give me some spiritual advice but some practical advice -e.g like some supplements to take to boost my energy levels etc. Love her and would recommend her to anyone who is going to any big changes in life and wants a bit of support.

Teya will be in Hong Kong next week at All About You and putting on these workshops below, so hope to see you there, I’ll definitely be joining!

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