15 Healthy Cooking Tips


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Some tips to help you when your cooking:

1/ Certain canned & frozen products are ok (e.g canned beans, frozen fruits)

2/ Organic is better

3/ Local is better

4/ Fresh is best

5/ Use a timer for cooking and prepping food so you know how much time it takes you and can plan your days better

6/ Keep it SIMPLE (2 – 3 ingridents and not more than 5 – 6 ingredients)

7/ Cook once eat twice (e.g if you cooking a grain then try to make some extra for lunch next day)

8/ Vary cooking styles (e.g raw, steam, juice, saute, boil, fry, blend)

9/ Vary flavours and condiments

10/ Experiment

11/ Mistakes are ok

12/ Ask for help

13/ Understand the ways you can enjoy eating (e.g environment)

14/ Know who you are cooking for whether its for your self,  family and friends (What are they hungry for? men vs women vs children)

15/ Skip the self-criticism, thank your self for cooking

Happy Cooking This Week!

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