Gluten is my B!tch

Gluten is my B!tch

Last night we at Living Alive hosted our first seminar at one of our client’s shop at PMQ, A Day with Fé. We thought of a very fitting name for the talk: Gluten is My Bitch which was inspired by April Peveteaux. It was lead by our Health Coach, Kanch who was prepping all day making some delicious gluten-free snacks for our attendees which included a granola bar with peanut butter and pumpkin seeds, dehydrated apple chips and banana chips and my personal favourite the spinach pesto dip!

It was a great discussions and we all learnt something new whether it was in regards to recipes, cross contamination or just sharing tips and places to purchase gluten-free products (which as some people know are quite pricey in Hong Kong).  It was a fantastic turn-out and actually had more guests than expected which has certainly fuelled our passion to do more gluten events!

To follow up Kanch has a new program where one can get great support to go gluten free as we know especially in Hong Kong its hard to do this by your self. She will guide you every step of the way with recipes, tips and most importantly a great foundation to go gluten free yourself next time. Below is what you get:

  1. Shopping list and kitchen prep meeting
  2. Food Plan
  3. 1 Cooking lesson (valued at 500 HKD)
  4. 1 yoga class for better digestion (valued at 300 HKD)
  5. Access to private Facebook group with daily updates (recipes, tips, etc. etc.)
  6. Weekly emails with recipes etc.
  7. 3 private session with health coach Kanch (valued at 2100 HKD)

All this for HKD 1888 for more info or to sign up Email us today.


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Gluten free month

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